Linda Huijbers
social design and research


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Moving Garden

Within a circle of 1000 meter, I have done a field-research in a neighbourhood called Vreewijk, by reading the neighbourhood through its flora and fauna. My findings resulted in a visual research book, showing data infographics and an identity of how the neighbours care for their surrounding nature. This documentation enthused me to make myself one of their neighbours. Therefore I made 'The Moving Garden' to set the neighbourhood in bloom. It is a garden on wheels, that is a constantly changing collection of all of their neighbours gardens and moves around the hood. It is here for them to share richness that they have to offer each other, it's a rolling archive for young and old, but most importantly, it’s a place. We witnessed a garden becoming a tool to say hello and we saw how great things happen when we exchange and exist in each others world. It was a way for them to make connections between groups that were less likely to help each other, but may actually be the solution.

Research book - Flora and Fauna in Vreewijk, Rotterdam

The Moving garden during exhibition 'Vreemde Ogen Dwingen' , Rotterdam