The Moving Garden

Within a circle of 1000 meter, I have done a field-research in a neighbourhood called Vreewijk, by reading the neighbourhood through its flora and fauna. My findings resulted in a visual research book, showing data infographics and an identity of how the neighbours care for their surrounding nature. This documentation screamed for me to make myself one of their neighbours. Therefore I made 'The Moving Garden', a garden on wheels, that is a constantly changing collection of all of my neighbours gardens and moves around the hood. It is here for them to share richness that they have to offer each other, it's a rolling archive for young and old, but most importantly, it’s a place. We witnessed a garden becoming a tool to say hello and we saw how great things happen when we exchange and exist in each others world.

Research book - Flora and Fauna in Vreewijk, Rotterdam

The Moving garden during exhibition 'Vreemde Ogen Dwingen' , Rotterdam