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Google Deep Dreaming - app visuals


What if the only thing that really feels as our own, personal and untouchable, is to seen by the government? Or even the whole world? We try to understand our dreams or hold on to one that made us feel very good before we woke up. Would someone else have similar dreams? What if we live in a world where you can relive your dreams, or create one together with someone on the other side of the world? The “Dreamcatcher” is a scenario for a head implanted chip that decodes your subconsciousness and reveils your dream-data with infographics in Google’s new launched service: “Google Deep Dreaming” - an app where you are to re-experience your vivid dreams during daily life, see your dream history at anytime and connects you to anyone in the world having a similar mind. Isn't this the best way to be connected with your subconsciousness, so that we understand what happens at night and what we bring through the day?

Dream data collected over several weeks of sleep

Written scenario and placed sensors connected to the Dreamcatcher app at the exhibition Lichtplein, Eindhoven