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Photo by Nicole Marnati

Happily Ever After

Cutup wedding dresses, confronting quotes and rewritten vows, question beliefs in marriage as a romantic fairy-tale and social achievement.

And they lived happily ever after… Were you also raised with a romantic
fairy-tale notion of love and marriage? At the age of 25, I had to admit that the wedding plans I made when I was twelve are far from realistic. And yet many secretly share her childhood expectations of settling down at an early age. In conversation with my peers, I found out marriage is still considered a social achievement, connected to safety, happiness, security and hope. By documenting conversations and performing with reframed traditional marital practices, objects and clothing, I questioned this persistent but outdated construct. Rewritten vows, cut-up wedding dresses and confronting quotes challenge the ‘perfect’ picture that society still paints for us.

Instead of my 25th birthday invitation, I have sent my mother the wedding invitation I expected to sent out and she expected to receive at that age.

Happily Ever After - researchbook 2020

Side A: The story of my parents in image, side B: rewritten vows

Photo by Nicole Marnati